Cliff Avril – 2020 Seattle Seahawks Legend of The Year and Superbowl Champion Autograph Signing

Seize the opportunity to meet the 2020 Seahawks’ “Legend of The Year” and Super Bowl Champion, Cliff Avril, at the 2024 PNW Collector Convention! Cliff Avril will grace the Three Rivers Convention Center with his presence for a special public autograph session on Saturday, June 8th, 2024, from 1pm to 2pm.

Secure Your Autograph Tickets Today:

Each item you wish to have signed requires an Autograph Signing Ticket. Feel free to acquire multiple tickets for multiple items. You’re welcome to bring your own items for signing. Ticket holders may bring guests; however, each signed item needs its own ticket, regardless of group size.

Ticket Information:

This event offers two distinct ticket types for autographs and inscriptions. For assistance with ticket purchases, please contact us. Here are the details for each ticket type:

Please Be Aware:

Autograph and Meet-and-Greet Pass (good for one autograph) – $80 each

Inscriptions (1 phrase per one autograph) – $25 each